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Give Azure DevOps (a.k.a. AzDO) short, beautiful and memorable URLs

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Give Azure DevOps (a.k.a. AzDO) short, beautiful and memorable URLs with no effort.

Because URLs are UI, this project provides a nicer UI on top of the default URLs provided by Azure DevOps. It does so with the following two components:

The latter is a must since even the most beautiful URIs are annoying to type by hand :).

How it works:

  1. Install the browser extension from the Chrome store.
  2. Navigate to a build, release, work item or wiki page in your AzDO project.
  3. Click the AzDO linkinator icon icon in the browser toolbar.


  1. Paste the URL you got on the clipboard and enjoy!

The following are the supported URL shortening schemes:

NOTE: in all cases, if org == project, the latter will be omitted in the copied URL to make it even shorter.


The ID can be either a specific ID or a build definition ID (a.k.a. pipeline ID). The linkinator will automatically redirect to the right thing.


The ID can be either a specific release ID or a release definition ID. The linkinator will automatically redirect to the right thing.

Work Items{org}/{project}/{id}


Task Groups{org}/{project}


Short URL Original URL[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_workitems/edit/[WORK_ITEM_ID][ORG]/[PROJECT]/_wiki/wikis/[ORG]/[PROJECT].wiki?pagePath=%2FSome%2FSubfolder%2FPage[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_build/index?buildId=[BUILD_ID][ORG]/[PROJECT]/_build/index?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=completed[ORG]/[PROJECT]/[ORG]/[PROJECT]%20Team/_build?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=summary[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_release?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=releases[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_releaseDefinition?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=environments-editor-preview[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_release?releaseId=[RELEASE_ID]&_a=release-summary[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_releaseProgress?releaseId=[RELEASE_ID]&_a=release-pipeline-progress[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_apps/hub/ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.hub-explorer?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=releases[ORG]/[PROJECT]/_apps/hub/ms.vss-releaseManagement-web.hub-explorer?definitionId=[DEFINITION_ID]&_a=release-summary&releaseId=[RELEASE_ID]&source=ReleaseExplorer


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